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Master Sword (Zelda Fan Art)

You can download the model from here:

When evil engulfs the land completely and all hope is nearly lost, a hero will come. Only he will be able to claim this mighty blade.

This is the Blade of Evil's Bane, more commonly know as Master Sword, a sword that appears often in The Legend of Zelda. With each game the design of the sword has changed, sometimes a tiny bit, sometimes drastically to fit the various art styles of the franchise throughout the years.

Started working on this last Sunday and I'm finally happy with it. I tested baking separate pieces a couple of times (especially the handguard), to get shapes that look good while trying to stay true to the references. Also quite happy with the triangle count which is 5.114.

References in the last pic belong to their respective owners (as far as I know they are artwork for the various games of the franchise).

Yogen yogensia 01

Main Render

Toolbag Preview

SketchFab Preview

Yogen yogensia 02


Yogen yogensia 03
Yogen yogensia 04
Yogen yogensia 06
Yogen yogensia vertical
Yogen yogensia masterswrodrefs

References (artwork from the franchise)