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Pipebomb remake (from Left 4 Dead)

This is a pipebomb I've been working on during the last two and a half weeks. I wanted to see how much I could improve the original by completely redoing it from scratch, but maintaining the same shape and parts. I textured it in PBR first, then I tweaked (extensively) the materials for the game. In-game it comes with alternative textures for some parts, which were UV mapped on a separate texture, such as wires, 9v battery, tape...

I was never sure if the original one was meant to be PVC or metal, but mine is metal... :) As for the confusing design: The fuse is what detonates it, the rest is just a trigger to activate the light and speaker and attract zombies once thrown.

The final mesh is 6,070 triangles.

Yogen yogensia 1

Toolbag preview

Yogen yogensia comparison1

Comparison shot

Comparison (Toolbag preview)

Yogen yogensia var2

Color variations (Part 1)

Yogen yogensia var1

Color variations (Part 2)

Variations (Toolbag preview)

Yogen yogensia 2

Lighting example 1

Yogen yogensia 3

Lighting example 2

Yogen yogensia 4

Lighting example 3

Yogen yogensia l4d
Yogen yogensia comaprison

Bonus: Pain Pills bottle!

Pain Pills (Toolbag preview)